I was a little skeptical when my wife told me she hired a “sleep consultant” but when Pam came to our home, she was warm, professional and knowledgeable. She had all sorts of suggestions and advice right from the start. She put my wife’s mind to rest and helped her and myself understand what our baby boy needed to become a great sleeper.

Pam worked with us when Chase was 3 weeks old for some tips and then at 15 weeks. By night 4 our little guys was sleeping 11+ hours a night and he is now going on 5 1/2 months and is a rock solid napper and a rockstar sleeper. My wife and I are able to enjoy time together and go to sleep knowing our little guy is sound asleep for the night.

He is happier and way more content. He does not use a soother or any kind of prop to go to sleep. He gets a song and his Rudy the rabbit and he goes to bed with a big smile on his face and puts himself to sleep. Without Pam and her guidance, we wouldn’t have benefited as much from just the book on its own.  If you are a dad and reading this….trust me when I say, this was worth every penny. My wife is a new woman and she deserves it.

Brian Reilly