I would just like to say thank you very much to Pam Nease. My wife and I have a four year old daughter (Teagan) that has been challenging to put to bed to say the least. We had to sit right beside her in her bed to have her fall asleep, which progressed to us sitting outside her room within eyesight. We could never progress past that point for two years I was sitting outside her room for upwards of 45 minutes a night.

We were very frustrated but clueless as to what to do next. Then Pam entered our lives and set up a very comprehensive plan for us with lots of support from her. Pam told us we could have Teagan sleeping by 7 pm every night ( not 9 pm as she was) and she will stay in her bed all night. Teagan was coming into our bed every night at around 1 am, and this happened for two years.
When Pam was telling my wife and I what we could expect in changes with Teagan’s sleep patterns it was like a dream world. We began with Pam and the results have been amazing. Teagan does go to bed every night without a fuss and sleeps in her room till 6 am.

Pam Nease’s professionalism and compassion for parents going through this process is comforting. When you do work with Pam it is a partnership and you need to do your part and with Pam’s plan and follow up you will achieve success. This was the best money spent, my wife and I have our evenings back. Thank you Pam!!