Hi Pam,
Our son Jack was 3.5 years old and typically took +3 hours to get to sleep EVERY night.  We would start at 8:00pm and it would end when one of us passed-out.  We really thought we could handle this ourselves because my wife is a primary school teacher and a certified behaviour modification specialist. We had read a plethora of books, tried a variety of techniques but nothing seemed to work for us.

We were sleep deprived and at wits end when we reached-out to Pam Nease.  From our first conversation, we knew we were in good hands with Pam. She had a compassionate and direct way to deal with the matter.  What we learned was the correct strategy was actually a composite of everything we had read, finely tuned and specific to our needs.

The program was modified slightly based on exhibited behaviours and we attribute that fine tuning to our success. Having spent literally years battling this problem, we could not believe that within a few days, Jack was regularly in bed and asleep before 8pm and would not get-up before 7am the next morning! He was completely habit formed in under a month.

It has been 5 months now and Jack is a different child.  He’s a happier child and his mental capabilities have increased exponentially. Time-outs were a regular occurrence for Jack and in the past 5 months, he’s been timed-out twice. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this program to any parent struggling with these problems.  It is absolutely without a doubt the best money we have spent on anything! Thanks to Pam, we have our lives back.

Edward M. Senez