Hello Fellow Fathers,
Don’t wait – hire Pam immediately! It’s the best money I have EVER spent!

Initially, when my wife approached me about hiring a sleep specialist, I dismissed it. I felt that A) we had not exhausted our other options B) I didn’t know any better C) it was a lot of money.  However, once we actually called Pam, I was at that point where I was willing to try anything.

I felt we had exhausted all other options and I was very worried about my wife’s health and my job performance. Looking back now, I wish we had called Pam sooner.  My greatest fear when we hired Pam was that it would not work and we would still be sleepless and now out money.  I really had no idea what we would have done had it not worked out. I was very skeptical because everything else we had tried prior to Pam had never worked.

I was hoping that our son would simply outgrow his sleep issues but not until he was much older and we could reason with him. We simply couldn’t wait for that as my wife and I were too far gone. After working with Pam – in the end – I felt like it was magic.  I was truly incredulous, and of course thrilled that we were getting so much more sleep.
Don’t waste another minute deciding if this is a good idea or not – it is! You won’t regret hiring Pam to help you and your family.

Erik Henderson