My wife and I hired Pam when our son was seven months old on the strong recommendation of a friend. Although our tenure as parents has been brief, without question hiring Pam as a sleep consultant was by far the best thing we’ve ever done for our son – and for ourselves. Before Pam our son Jack wasn’t a terrible sleeper, but he was inconsistent. He would wake up throughout the night and lacked the skill to put himself back to sleep and was at a point where he could only be put down by my wife or myself. Jack was also heavily reliant upon a soother during the night, which as we learned from Pam, interfered with his ability to attain a deeper REM sleep. However since implementing Pam’s sleep training program, our son now naps like a champion and sleeps straight through the night for up to 11 or 12 hours! As a result, Jack is more rested and happier throughout the day and the time we spend with him is now even more enjoyable.

Although initially we were nervous about the prospect of sleep training and having to hear our son cry, after a Skype video conference with Pam we quickly realized that her program is designed around the concept of giving our child the gift of sleep. Pam’s support gave both my wife and I the confidence to stick to the training, and thanks to her wealth of knowledge and her ability to answer any and all concerns or questions we had along the way the first few days of sleep training were much easier than we had anticipated.

However, what truly makes Pam’s service unique is not just her expertise in her field, but also her wonderful personality. Pam’s warmth and kindness is evident immediately upon talking with her, and her sincere care and concern for her clients is second to none. Pam makes what could otherwise be a stressful experience easy and fun, and we will forever be indebted to her for teaching us how to give our son a better quality of life and ourselves a newfound freedom as parents.

Jeremy & Susie