Initially, I was sceptical about hiring a sleep consultant for our son William, but then again, I wasn’t the one who had to get up several times each night, and didn’t really understand how exhausting mini naps were for William and my wife during the day.
We thought he would likely grow out of these sleep problems, or we felt that maybe this was normal for an infant, or he might be teething, or maybe he was going through a developmental phase, etc. My wife was reading all sorts of books, and trying to get advice from family and friends, but nothing helped.  He might go through a phase where night sleep and naps lengthened, but never for long.

I supported my wife in listening to what our consultant, Pam, had to say. We were surprised and relieved to hear that sleep is a skill that all babies need to learn.  The ones who sleep well simply had learned it, the ones who don’t simply have not learned yet. My wife was afraid that helping Will to learn was going to be hard on him and us.  It wasn’t.  Pam gave us a gentle and effective sleep training process for Will.

I did the nights and he was already sleeping better the first night, and then by night 3 he slept through. I felt proud of my son, and he obviously wanted the sleep as much as we did. My wife worked with Pam over the next few weeks to get him sleeping well during the day. Now, after one month, William sleeps 12 hours at night, and two long naps during the day.  He is very happy and we can now take him to friend’s houses and put him down and he goes right to sleep anywhere for naps and bedtime.

Now, my wife and I have our evenings free and we all sleep long and peacefully. I would highly recommend Pam and encourage other fathers to support their wives solve their baby’s sleep issues. It was worth every penny we spent!

Mike Thomlinson