We are happy to tell you all is well at our home.

It’s been one year since we contacted you about Jane. Bed times are no longer the screaming fight or laying with her till she falls asleep ( or we do). The other night we read books in Henry’s room and after our song and dance, she did her round of kiss and hugs, and walked of to her room. She had her light off and was in bed before I got there. We lost the afternoon nap a while ago but is sleeping from 730 to 7 just about everyday.

Henry is a little man now. He is still sleeping through the nights. He was 3 months when we talked to you for him. Now hes 13 months, walking and climbing. 730 to 6 is his normal. He’s gone down to one nap, for about an hour and a half to two.

When people tell us about their sleep issues, we try not to brag or preach. I look at hiring you as the same as swimming lessons. Everyone should learn how to swim its a life skill. We spend money on that why won’t we on sleep.

The Lawtons